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Lecture Series: The Life & Legacy of Simone Weil 

Starting on Mondays (10:00 - 11:30 a.m.) from January 7 through March 18, 2019, the Lewes Public Library,  the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild, and the Topical Seminars group will host a series of 11 lectures by University of Washington law professor and Lewes resident Ronald Collins. The lectures will explore the life and work of Simone Weil (1909-1943), who Albert Camus tagged as “the only great spirit of our times.” The lectures, replete with informed and engaged discussion, are designed to explain and examine the thinking – political, pedagogical, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual – of Simone Weil, along with some occasional and related discussion of the life and philosophy of Camus.   Here is all the info I have on the lectures. You can register now by going to this link: https://delawarelibraries.libcal.com/event/4630782

Lecture Series - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Civil War, & The March into Modernity

Starting on Mondays (10:30 - Noon), June 17 through August 5, Dr. Robert Collins will present  an 8-part lecture series. The lectures will be based on the text, written by Ronald Collins, entitled The Fundamental Holmes: A Free Speech Chronicle & Reader (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2010).  

This course will explore the story of a brave soldier, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who served in the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Army (1861-1864) and who later fused his Darwinian creed into his thought as a Supreme Court Justice (1902-1932). It is a most incredible story situated in battles at Ball’s Bluff, Antietam, Chancellorsville and the Battle of the Wilderness. It is the story of Holmes’ survival march that began as a heroic act on the battlefield and then transformed itself into a momentous idea in our constitutional history. That idea, both liberating and alarming, was created in the caldron of war and pointed away from an old America and toward a new one.  It is an idea that became central to our modern notion of freedom, especially freedom of speech. 

The course will offer a short but eye-opening history of how war scarred a man and then set the compass of his destiny. What began as a youthful sentiment followed by an incident blossomed into a great cause and then into combat, heroism, suffering, death, victory, and finally into the horrific and glorious memory of it all.  What remains is an X-ray of a man’s mind revealing the fears and hopes that made him a great figure in the roar and strife of his nation.  This is the true story, at once venerable and dark, of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.  


Watch the Lewes Library and Topical Seminars’ websites for more information, coming soon!ur paragraph here.