How to Build an Autocracy:  Hilary Goodman led the discussion using two important articles that call into question the future viability of American Democracy.  This was a timely subject, give the radical change in how many perceive government working.  .

TReadings from the Stone Reader - David White and Aram Terzian led the discussion of three articles in the Stone Reader related to military conflict and the possibility of non-violence. The articles were:
Is American Nonviolence Possible by Todd May – p.696
The Moral Hazard of Drones by Jon Kaag and Sarah Kreps – p.701
Rethinking the Just War by Jeff McMahan – p.711

GMOs - Truth or Consequences.  Tom DiOrio led the discussion on genetically modified foods and their safety.  The focus was on genetically engineered  seeds. The advantages and disadvantages of their use led to a lively and informative discussion.

Reading from the Stone Reader - David White led the seminar of the discussion of the article in the Stone Reader "The Freedom of Faith: A Christmas Sermon by Simon Critchley, pp. 469 -477.  

Readings from the Stone Reader -Aram Terzian and David Whiteled the discussion related to the following two articles:  The Danger of Certainty:A lesson from Auschwitz by Simon Critchley  pp. 386-391 and When Hope Tramples Truth by Roger Scroton, pp.612-614T

Implicit Bias - Aram Terzian led the discussion on the processes associated with unconscious biases we all have and the effects on interpersonal relationships. 

Readings from the Stone Reader- David White and Aram Terzian
There were four readings from the Stone Reader for this session. 
Are there Natural Human Rights? – p. 183
The Enlightenment’s Race Problem, and Ours – p.61
How to Live without Irony – p.764 (optional)
Confucius, Hegel, and human rights. (appended to the emai announcementl)

Anti-Semitism - Louisa Pollock led the seminar discussion on the status of anti-Semitism in society today.  The topic stirred lively discussion on both the topic and the broader issue of prejudice and discrimmination.

Healthcare - Right or Privilege?  Aram Terzian and David White took opposing sides of the argument about health care in the United States. Two papers were presented,, one supporting health care as a right and the other supporting health care as a privilege. 

Friday, May 1 at 1:30 pm -Genetic Modification - Ray O'Neill led the seminar on this very important topic.  

Civility - Hank Gromada let the discussion about pro-social approaches members of a society can use in communicating with each other?  Participants were asked to read materials in preparation for the seminar.  

The Moral Compass – David White led a discussion on the direction of morality in American culture.  

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Identity Formation and Immigration - Where do I Belong? - Jessica White and Pamela Malsch led the discussion on immigration and identity.  Participants  read materials in preparation for the seminar. raph here.

From Micro-aggresssions to Free Speech - Anne Ferber led a discussion about multi-cultural populations coming together for learning and understanding, the unexpected consequences of which are leading to greater disparity among students, professors, and co-workers, resulting in condemnation of free speech, requests for “safe spaces,” and trigger warnings, and to some, a culture of victimhood. The paradox of multi-culturalism, intersectionality and identity politics producing wide protest, free-speech impairment and even violent destruction is alarming.

Tuesday, March 20 (5:30pm)- Readings from the Stone Reader -Aram Terzian and David White  There were two readings from the Stone Reader for this session.  We reviewed a 1959 video interview of Ayn Rand by Mike Wallace that relates to the discussions in the two articles. 
The Veil of Opulence by Benjamin Hale– p. 593
Questions from Free Market Moralists by Amia Srinivasan– p.557
Mike Wallace Interview with Ayn Rand y

Shariah Law - This discussion was led by James Gibson. This seminar helped to better understand Shariah Law and the diversity in how it is practiced throughout the world. 

Tuesday, May 15. Social Media and Privacy -  Ira Wexler  -Seminar Leader.  We gained a deeper understanding of the consequences of the policy direction of societies concerned about privacy in the age of electronic social media

Social Intelligence - This discussion was led by Henry Gromada and was based on the work of Daniel Goleman, entitled "Social Intelligence.  

The Budget Deficit -Dan Deboissiere, assisted by Aram Terzian,  led a lively discussion that attempted to an clarify just how much the United States Federal Government owes to creditors along with deficits being projected for underfunded mandates such as Social Security and Medicare.

Storytelling - Anne Ferber led the discussion on the role of storytelling in contemporary society. It was well received and helped introduce a monthly storytelling program she will be leading at the Lewes Library.  Check with the Library for more information.

Privilege - Aram Terzian led the discussion on the types of privilege available to persons based on the social status.  Participants read material in preparation for the seminar.

Readings from the Stone Reader - David White and Aram Terzian led the discussion of four articles in the Stone Reader This session was a discussion of the four short readings from the Stone Reader.The articles were:
The Gospel According to “Me: - p.729
Deluded Individualism – p.734
The Very Angry Tea Party -p.738
Is Our Patriotism Moral? – p.744 

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Forgiveness -Hank Gromada and Sara Rubin led the discussion of the role of forgiveness at both the societal and individual levels. 

Social and Cultural Capital - Ira Wexler and Harry Banks led the discussion on Pierre Bourdieu's discourse on social and cultural factors that can be considered forms of capital.

The Multiple Identities of Feminism (Intersectionality) - Pam Malsch led the discussion about the multiple identities (Gay African American Woman, for exampe) associated with being a female and how they  intersect and/or conflict with each other.  

Friday, June 1:The Role of Journalism in a Democracy - Robert Delaney, a reporter for the South China Morning Post, led us in a discussion of “The Challenge Facing ‘Real’ News.” 

Friday, April 6 at 1:30 pm - The Crisis facing Democracy - Carol Zervas led the seminar exploring how there appears to be a growing crisis in Democracy in the United States.

Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30 pm David White and Aram Terzian led the discussion on free will using the materials from the the three articles in the Stone Reader.  
“Your Move: The Maze of Free Will” by Galen Strawson, beginning on page 145
“Is Neuroscience the Death of Free Will?” by Eddy Nahmias, beginning on page 330
“Deluded Individualism” by Firmin DeBrabander, beginning on page 734

Moral Relativism -  Aram Terzian and David White led the Discussion of two articles from "The Stone Reader"  published by the New York Times.  "Confessions of an Ex Moralist" by Joel Marks and  "The Maze of Moral Relativism" by Paul Boghossian.aph here.

A Conversation about Race - Kathleen Baker - led the seminar exploring how race is perceived and discussed in American society.

Afghan Gender Relationship - Louisa Pollack led the discussion on unusual gender practices involving Afghan boys and girls.  She recommended several films that were viewed prior to coming to the seminar.  

Why I Believe in Santa Claus - David White led a discussion of the meaning of the Hymn of the Pearl and its relevence in our modern world.  It was the final  topic for2016.

Readings from the Stone Reader - David Whiteled the discussion on several articles from the Stone Reader.  The two articles were:\
Walking while Black in the “White Gaze”-p.649
In Praise of the Clash of Cultures – p.433

The Muslim American Experience:  Iram Shakaud

 Ms. Shakaud is a young Muslim American woman, who led an informative discussion about the experience of being a citizen of the United States and a practicing Muslim.  

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